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Ms. Stephens is currently reading:

The Sun is Also a Star By Nicola Yoon

I am LOVING this romantic book that reminds me a lot of Eleanor and Park. The story is about two people finding each other (coincidence or fate?) in the midst of their complex and challenging lives. Natasha is a Jamaican immigrant facing deportation and Daniel is a first-generation Korean-American. The story takes place over just one day and offers fascinating perspectives on fate, science, immigration, and race. Each chapter is told from a different perspective beautifully illustrating how we are all connected and how every decision we make changes our life forever.

Ms. Stephens just finished reading:

Long Way Down by Jason Reynolds

This is a gripping and quick read written in verse. A powerful story of a boy whose brother is murdered so he sets out to get revenge. As he heads down the elevator of his apartment (gun tucked into his waistband) he is visited by various ghosts from his past who each have something important to tell him.